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pink blood orange buttercream

Blood Orange Buttercream

Well, I officially have another toddler.  Ireland turned two last weekend, I can’t believe how quickly that happened.  We kept it low key, I always end up feeling a little guilty when that happens, but we were there as a family, showered her with love, and made a cake together.  In the end, family time […]

Pumpkin pie cake outside in the leaves.

Pumpkin Pie Cake

Cake or Pie? It’s both!  This dessert combines a simple yellow cake recipe with pumpkin pie custard, it’s amazing.  I don’t like my desserts overly sweet, and this dessert is definitely not so sweet that it smacks you in the face.  So if you want to sweeten it up a little, maybe add some whipped […]

Bundt cake on white cake stand

Chai Spiced Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze

*Please note that my links below are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. I’ve used all the products listed below, and recommend them because they are helpful, and I truly enjoy using them. It’s like eating a cup of tea…That sounds good right? Fall brings out some […]

cupcake picnic in the woods

Double Chocolate Muffins in the Woods

Livy has been asking for awhile now to have a picnic where all she eats are cupcakes.  Good thing that’s all she requested, because I didn’t have the energy to make anything to go along with it!  I whipped up a batch of double chocolate chip muffins from a recipe I found on Linda Lomelino’s […]

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